Bali Safari and Marine Park

bali safari and marine parkLong ago, on a steep hillside between the mountains and the sea on the splendid island of Bali, there once lived a village of people renowned for their believe to God and their love for nature. They considered all the wild animals and plants to be their friends. In those days there were many deer and few people, and tigers never bothered the village. They lived together in peace and harmony.

bali safari and marine parkBali Safari & Marine Park relives the legends of human and animal in a vast, breathtaking setting of 40 hectares of splendid natural habitat. It offers many sensational highlights, from the traditional Balinese's self purifying sacred bath, to the story of man-eating Lions in Tsavo of Kenya and the majestic White Tigers of India, Bali Safari & Marine Park invites you to discover this unique journey of human-animal legends.

Bali Safari & Marine Park is the latest establishment of the world-renowned Taman Safari Indonesia, a name made famous for more than 20 years of efforts in nature conservation and recreational business. It applies the state of the art zoo innovation to provide close encounters and education activities for all visitors. Bali Safari & Marine Park is tremendously active in protecting endemic and endangered species, as well as orchestrating educational campaign to save the animals. Taman Safari Indonesia is a member of WAZA, SEAZA, CBSG and PKBSI.

bali safari and marine parkGet your pace ready on the entrance gate to a magnificent journey of the greatest Balinese culture, the Lobby Barong. The Barong dance tells a legendary story of Calonarang, a white wizard, turned into a mystical creature to fight an endless battle against Rangda the dark forces that threaten mankind.

bali safari and marine parkHANOMAN STAGE
A collection of statues of Rahwana and Hanoman, the god monkey from the stories of Ramayana. Hanoman Court is a home to exotic Birds and Orang Utan encounters. It is the main stage for animal educational and entertainment shows.

bali safari and marine parkWelcome to the incredible adventure into a wildlife world. Safari journey incorporates the latest development in safari and open zoo design, offering visitors a close encounter into the world of animals around the world. From the ride through roaming Sumatran tiger and elephants in the jungle of Sumatra to the hippos in the lake Manyara, the Safari Journey offers a unique safari adventure to explore the life of hundreds of animals of more than 60 species.

bali safari and marine parkRANTHAMBORE
Stroll along the road that leads you to the realm of Ranthambore, a recreation of an ancient Indian fort in the city of Rajasthan. Surrounded by the fortress relics, Ranthambore is the home of the majestic White Tigers that live in their truest habitat. Encounter the mighty beasts on ground or underwater.

bali safari and marine parkGet acquainted with the mightiest elephants. Ride through a daring elephant trek and enjoy our inspiring elephant educational show.


bali safari and marine parkGet wet and wild in our Water Park or embark with Jungle Cruise to the amazing Amazon, Fun Zone extends your excitement with fantastic amusement for all ages. A gigantic bucket that periodically fills with water and splashes into the pool to cool your day. Relax on the pool side and have fun with your family.

bali safari and marine parkBali Safari & Marine Park - Tsavo Lion Restaurant relives the legendary pair of Tsavo lions who become famous by killing and eating more than one hundred railway workers on the Kenya - Uganda Railway in 1898.

bali safari and marine parkFRESH WATER AQUARIUM
Meet the ferocious Piranhas on Fresh Water Aquarium. Design with an open space, this one of a kind aquarium has many collections of fish from Indonesia, South America and Africa.

bali safari and marine parkSpend your day at our four star luxurious African treetop lodges and accommodation. With African savannah overview through your bedroom window where Chapman /zebras, Oryxes, Wildebeest and White Rhinos roaming freely while you can enjoy the stunning Balinese sunset.

bali safari and marine parkBALI THEATRE in the park
The indoor mega stage theatre complex has a 1,200 seating capacity, fully equipped with advanced multi-media technology with state of the art sound and lighting. Performing the legendary epic story of Bali Agung. A marriage of the ancient Balinese and Chinese cultures of King Jaya Pangus and Kang Ching Wie.

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