"Wonderful Indonesia" Tourism Branding

Wonderful Indonesia
Indonesian Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik, recently unveiled a brand new “Wonderful Indonesia” tourism branding initiative in Jakarta. This new slogan is based on five criteria, namely : “Wonderful Nature, Wonderful Culture, Wonderful People, Wonderful Food, and Wonderful Value for Money”. Wacik explained that five criteria has been chosen on the back of Bali receiving an award for, “The Best Island Destination in the World” from New York’s prestigious Travel and Leisure magazine some time ago. Travel and Leisure had conducted a global survey that posed the question, “Which is the best island in the world ?” The answer that came back was “Bali”.
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Wacik explained that after the poll he had, “Inquired of the magazine what criteria it used in its surveys, and they replied that it was the five that we have now adopted, namely : nature, culture, people, food and money”. Wacik went on to say that he believed that Indonesia possessed all of these qualities in spades and thus a new tourism branding concept has now been born.

Jero WacikIn term of the, “Wonderful Culture” criterion, Wacik explained that the diverse cultures of Indonesia, from Sabang in the west of the country to Merauke in the east, were unbeatable assets in the quest to develop tourism. Similarly, regarding “Wonderful People”, Wacik stated that the Indonesian people’s hospitality was renowned the world over and that, “Our society is 99 per cent smiles”. Similarly, Indonesia’s “Wonderful Food”, is world famous and Wacik enthused that culinary tourism was really starting to take off here. Finally the, “Wonderful Value for Money” tagline means that Indonesia remains highly competitive when compared with other popular tourist destinations.

Wacik also took the opportunity at the “Wonderful Indonesia” branding launch to announce that the 2011 Indonesian tourism theme would be, “Eco, Culture and MICE”. This theme was chosen because the tourism sector in Indonesia is increasingly concerned about the environment and the ministry aims to reflect the growing global trend in so called ecotourism. The Minister of Culture and Tourism has called on major players in the Indonesian tourism industry to continue to raise awareness of the country’s environment in order to attract eco-conscious tourists.