PRIVET BALI - Bali Russian & CIS Tourism Society
Bali, 13 October 2009
For immediate release
Dear Travel Partners
Greetings from the Island of Bali !
Please find the following tips to our tourist before arriving to the Island of Bali for their holidays experience. PRIVET BALI - Bali Russian & CIS Tourism Society is very much hoping that you can deliver the message to our tourist in any possible way :
  1. Please double check into your passport and other documents you will bring with you for traveling that your passport validity should be NOT less than 6 months as it is part of an International Regulations for every tourist to travel abroad to an International destinations. Please also double check of your visa. If your residence from  a country which is a part of visa on arrival list such as Russia, then you can apply your visa when arrive to the Ngurah Rai International airport in Bali. However, if your residence from the country did not part of visa on arrival list such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc, then you should apply your visa to the nearest Indonesia Embassy of your country before traveling to Bali.

  2. When tourist arrive to Bali after step out from air craft exit door and walking away before going into queue up area, tourist has to watch carefully several sign boards has been placed in this area. For those tourist has NO visa, they have to look for the VISA ON ARRIVAL sign board and stay in queue in these lines. For those tourist are holding visa already from their country then they have to look for NON VISA ARRIVAL sign board and follow to queue in FOREIGNER lines.

    The following are cost of visa on arrival in Bali : US$ 25 per person (adult or children at the same cost) for 8 - 30 days stay and US$ 10 per person for 1 - 7 days stay. As for departure tax in Bali is Rp 150,000 (US$ 17) per person, subject to change without notice.

  3. Please be aware of the following Customs Regulations at International Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali upon tourist arrival :
    a. Goods obtained overseas exceeding FOB US$ 250 per person or US$ 1,000 per family ?
    b. More than 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 200 grams sliced tobacco or 1 liter of alcoholic beverages ?
    c. Animals, fish and plants including their products ?Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, fire arms, weapons, ammunition, explosives, pornographic materials ?
    4. Cinematographic films, pre recorded video tapes, video laser discs or records ?
    5. Bank Notes in INDO Rupiah or other currency equal to 100 million Rupiah (US$ 11000) or more ?

    If you tick YES to any of the above following questions, please go to the red channel !

    If you are not sure about it, please tick Yes !

    • Each arriving passenger must submit Customs Declaration (only one Customs Declaration per family is required)
    • Should you have dutiable goods to be re-exported, please contact Customs
    • Any undeclared dutiable goods will be considered as violation and subject to administrative fine
    • Severe punishment for drug traffickers.

  4. When tourist in the baggage claim area waiting for luggage (s) to arrive, there are many luggage porters inside of airport with their luggage trolley and asking every tourist for their services to tourist and they are very aggressive and ready to help tourist to bring their luggage (s) until car parking area outside of airport and tourist has to pay directly to luggage porter of approx. Rp 5,000 (US$ 0,60) per luggage. However, if tourist doesn't want to be disturbed by them, then tourist just say : "NO PLEASE" and consequences that tourist will not be serviced by luggage porter and tourist has to find the luggage trolley by themselves which is located a bit away from luggage arrival but still in baggage claim area inside of airport. Tourist has to bring by themselves of their luggage (s) from airport to car parking area which is a walking distance.

  5. Before traveling to Bali, PRIVET BALI is highly advised to every tourist to book through bona fide Travel Agent in their country for their travel arrangements including airlines, hotel and other arrangements in Bali and overseas Travel Agent has local partner in Bali to take care tourist in case anything are needed while tourist staying in the Island.

  6. PRIVET BALI will NOT recommend at all to every tourist to book their accommodation and other arrangements in Bali through any website promotion or direct booking through somebody which is not reliable or any unreliable travel company in Bali to avoid disappointment services given by them to tourist while in Bali.

  7. While tourist in Bali, PRIVET BALI is highly recommend to every tourist to engage with their local tour operator at all time for every services needed by tourist and NOT even try to ask for an assistance from anyone on the street or from unknown company (black company) which available everywhere and request to every tourist to be alert at all time.
Warmest regards from Bali,

Nuku Kamka            Tanto Ruwiyadi
Chairman                  Vice Chairman