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Bali, 15th February 2010

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Nyepi (silence) day is a public holiday observed in Bali. On this day all residents and visitors to Bali must stay in doors and observe a period of silence which lasts 24 hours. In most cases, this means that people stay in doors and do not use electric light or appliances. Local village police patrol the streets enforcing the law. On this day all businesses close, hotels instruct guests to stay within the hotel grounds, no transport is allowed on the roads and the airport closes. International SOS Bali staff are restored on duty for the 24 hours period. The local government offers dispensation to emergency medical cases but strict guidelines need to be adhered to and often the interpretation of the law varies from village to village.

Saturday, 13th March 2010 - MELASTI DAY

A purification ceremony, called "Melasti" is held whereby a colorful procession of Balinese, all caring offering and holly objects such as statues and "Kris" and others sacred items. This will line up than make it way to the beach for the "cleansing ritual". The selected beaches will be abundant with decoration and flowers while prayers fill the air as devotees cleanse themselves in the sea.

Monday, 15th March 2010 - NGERUPUK DAY

On "Ngerupuk Day" the "Tawur Agung Ceremony" is held in every household, starting from evening until night. This is marked with then continued with "Ogoh Ogoh" parade in each village. Ogoh Ogoh or the huge demon like statuettes are made many days or even weeks prior to the festival. These three dimensional works of art in the form of sculptures are then paraded around the village, usually by the young accompanied by gamelan, the banging drums - gong - pots and sometimes fireworks, said to frighten the evil spirits away.

Tuesday, 16th March 2010 - NYEPI (SILENCE) DAY

According to it's name "Nyepi" or¬ silence is a "tranquil" ambience. On this holy day, the Island of Bali is literally silent and without activity. On this day, Hindu's will perform the ritual of Catur Brata Penyepian" or four abstinences : Amati Geni or abstinence of fire or anger or fury, Amati Lelanguan or abstinence of extravagant parties, usually a form of fasting is carried out, Amati Lelungan or abstinence of traveling and Amati Karya or abstain from regular activities with emphasis on or negative activity like gambling etc. The whole Island of Bali shall appear deserted and therefore it is believed that evil spirits will pass over the Island.¬

Wednesday, 17th March 2010 - NGEMBAK GENI DAY

The second day of the Caka New Year known as "Ngembak Geni" is a day for Hindu people to do "Sima Krama/ Dharma Santi", visiting and apologizing to one another. Please also be aware that on this day, shops and restaurants will be opened after 12:00 noon, but most of them might be closed.

Warmest regards from Bali,

Tanto Ruwiyadi         Nuku Kamka
Chairman                    Vice Chairman